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Repeat Prescriptions

If you need to take medication on a regular basis your Doctor may decide to issue you with repeat prescriptions which will remove the necessity for you to be seen every time you need a fresh supply of medicines.

How can I order my repeat prescriptions?

By Telephone

We now offer a telephone ordering service called Prescription Ordering Direct (POD). You can call the POD on 08081 647678, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm (excluding bank holidays).

The NHS POD service is provided, on behalf of your GP practice, by NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group. Your call will be answered by a dedicated, experienced and fully trained prescription coordinator.

We cannot take phone requests directly via the surgery phone lines.

Online Ordering

You can order your repeat medication online at any time or you may also use the NHS App. You will need an online account, your reception team will help with this.


No Account?


Local Chemist

Most local Chemists no longer provide a repeats management service but you may telephone the Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) team who will arrange your renewal.

You can contact POD at 08081 647678, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm (excluding bank holidays).

In Person

Hand over your repeat slip at the reception counter during opening hours or post through the letter box if out of hours. If you do not have a repeat slip, we have preprinted request slips for you to complete at the surgery.

By Post

If you post your request to us and want the prescription to be posted back to you please provide a stamped self addressed envelope. If posting please remember to give at least one weeks notice for a first class stamp and longer if using second class.

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Prescription Ordering Direct (POD)

NHS Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), in conjunction with Links Road Surgery have launched Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) as a new way for patients to order their prescriptions.

You can contact POD at 08081 647678, Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm (excluding bank holidays).

Who can use the service?

Anyone can use the POD if your GP practice is signed up to the service.

Why use this new service?

The service hopes to reduce prescription waste by helping to ensure patients order the medication they need, when they need it. Ordering your repeat prescription will be a quick and simple telephone call. You can discuss your medication requirements and we can alert you if a medication review is needed.

Who will you be talking to?

The NHS POD service is provided, on behalf of your GP practice, by NHS Brighton and Hove CCG. Your call will be answered by a dedicated, experienced and fully trained prescription coordinator.

How does NHS POD work?

You will be asked which GP practice you belong to and if you consent to your medical record being accessed to process your prescription request. You will then be asked to confirm your identity by giving personal details such as name and date of birth. Each item on your repeat will be discussed and only those needed will be ordered.

Why are we offering this new service?

Our aim is to ensure that patients are receiving the correct quantity of medication needed in a timely manner, to reduce the amount of prescription waste in our area. Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS millions of pounds every year.

I am happy with my existing service. Do I have to change?

You will still be able to order your prescriptions online or in person through your GP practice, but will no longer be able to order through the pharmacy. In order to reduce prescription waste we believe that patients need to take responsibility and control of their own medication needs. You can still use the same pharmacy to supply your medicines and any delivery arrangements should still remain in place.

How can patients help reduce prescription waste?

  • Check your medication cupboard before ordering more
  • Order prescriptions when you have 7 days of medication left
  • Let us or your surgery know if you have stopped taking any of your medicines.

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Electronic Prescriptions Service

Most prescriptions are now processed electronically via the Electronic Prescriptions Service, this is an NHS service which enables your GP to send your prescription directly to your preferred pharmacy. This saves you and your surgery time and avoids unnecessary paper waste. Electronic Prescriptions Service Leaflet.

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Paper Prescriptions

You may request a Paper Prescription if you prefer. Paper prescriptions have a tear off repeat slip indicating the medication that you can use reorder the medication you require.

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Good Medication Management is Important

Please preempt ordering prescriptions to avoid medication running out.

If you are given 56 days of tablets and you have 7 days left, order your new prescription. In the case of any emergency your regular pharmacist will give you a couple of tablets until you get your new prescription.

It is good practice that repeat medication is regularly reviewed so that you get optimum care. Please make note of the review date and make an appointment to see the practice Pharmacist.

If you are going on holiday you should take a list of your medication with you. In case you have a problem ENSURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH MEDICATION TO COVER YOUR HOLIDAY. SOME COUNTRIES ALSO NEED A DOCTOR's LETTER TO EXPLAIN THE MEDICATION. Check with your travel agent.

If you have elderly relatives ensure that they have an adequate supply of their medication. Dossette (pill) boxes / blister packs can be arranged if they have a large amount of medication to take.

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Useful Information

Each drug has two names, the generic and the brand name. Where possible we use the generic name because this is usually much cheaper for the health service. Due to this, you may notice a change in colour, shape or size of your drug. Do not be concerned by this, you are still receiving the same drug of the same quality, it is only the appearance that has altered.

When your medication is due for a review, please book your review appointment with the practice Pharmacist at least 10 days before your medication runs out.

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